Vietnam visa: Single entry or multiple entries?

A foreigner when entering Vietnam is granted to take some limited activities within the national border. These said activities are specified in the foreigner’s visa. Therefore, determining the purpose of entry into Vietnam as well as the expected kind of Vietnam visa is of the most crucial before the actual travel to Vietnam. In terms of number of granted entries into Vietnam, Vietnam visa consists of single entry visa and multiple-entry visa. What do these two categories mean and when to use them?

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Which to choose: single entry or multiple entries?

Single entry

The allowed number of entries into Vietnam is always specified clearly in the visa. With single entry visa, a visitor will only be granted to enter Vietnam for one time during the duration of visa validity. The date of arrival must be on or after the commencement of visa validity, but not beyond that duration. The actual expiry date of a single entry visa will be the date visitor exits from Vietnam, as long as it is between the visa validity duration. Therefore, if you want to arrive in Vietnam for second time, you will need to apply for a new visa.

Multiple entries

In contrary to single entry visa, a visa with multiple entries will allow a foreigner to enter and then exit from Vietnam for many times, provided the entry and exit dates are between the duration of visa validity which is specified in the visa. The expiry date of visa will be the cessation of visa validity, not the date of any of your departures.

Which one to choose?

As single entry or multiple entries will determine your allowed number of entries into Vietnam, then affect your schedules. Therefore, considering carefully before choosing which of these two types of visa is extremely crucial. Normally, it is recommended that you apply for a single entry visa if you plan to stay short in Vietnam or have a one-day meeting with your partner in this country. Getting a multiple-entry visa for short residence will be unreasonable because you will unnecessarily waste your money. In opposite, for longer stay, maybe a stay for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or even 2 years, you may wish to come back your country several times then arrive in Vietnam again. Hence, a multiple-entry visa can be more favorable, helping you to save more time and money, as compared to renew your visa many times. Besides, visitor for tourism purpose only often schedules to stay in Vietnam for only several days, then, a single entry visa is suggested, while for business or working purpose, multiple entries can be better.

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