Differences between Visa and Passport

If you have ever travelled overseas or are just planning to come across the globe, there must be one crucial thing to care about at first hand which is requirements for entering a specific country. Whether you may know or not, the most important and compulsory documents needed in this case are passport and visa. You can refer about Vietnam visa. Some people may be confused these two kinds of documents; however, they are still distinctive and both are indispensable for going abroad.

What is passport?


A passport issuing to a country’s citizens

Passport is a travel document that certifies the identity and nationality of its holder for the purpose of international travel. Standard passports contain the holder’s name, place and date of birth, photograph, signature and other identifying information.

What is visa?


Visa issuing for a country’s foreigners

Visa is a conditional authorization granted by a country (typically to a foreigner) to enter and temporarily remain within, or to leave that country. A visa includes limits on the duration of the foreigner’s stay, the dates they may enter and the number of permitted visits. A visa is commonly a stamp endorsed in the applicant’s passport or other travel document although it can also be a separate document.

How are visa and passport different?

As can be seen in their definitions, passport is a document that certifies the identity of the foreigner during his or her travels while visa is an official permission which temporarily authorizes the foreigner to stay in a foreign country. This means that these two kinds of documents are related with each other. A foreigner can not enter a country with only passport, not visa or with only visa, not passport (in case of loose-leaf visa). Besides, visa is often stamped in the passport to certify that the passport’s holder can visit the country. Therefore, a passport must be created beforehand as a prerequisite for making a visa. You can use Vietnam travel visa to seesight in Vietnam

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Visa and passport are different

The second difference between passport and visa is their issuing organs. Passport is issued by a national government to its citizens to identify the holder of a passport for the purpose of international travel. In contrast, a visa will be issued by the country to a foreigner (not its citizens as with passports) to give the owner of the visa a permission to enter that country. Therefore, a same passport can be brought with its holder to different countries overseas why a visa will be only valid in one specific country and each country will require distinctive visa stamped in the passport. Besides, the date of expiration for a visa is always shorter than that of a passport.

Finally, for the concrete purposes, a passport can be divided into ordinary passport, official passport, diplomatic passport, temporary passport, family passport and fantasy passport whereas types of visa consist of tourist visa, transit visa, business visa, temporary worker visa or student visa.

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