Pros and cons of Vietnam visa on arrival

Vietnam visa on arrival is known as the most innovative visa policy in Vietnam today as a result of a lot of research, analysis and amendment to facilitate the visa applying and issuing process. Nevertheless, since nothing is perfect, Vietnam visa on arrival still brings about many advantages together with disadvantages to the overseas travellers.

Pros and cons of Vietnam visa on arrival

What is Vietnam visa on arrival?

Vietnam visa on arrival is a type of visa that can be issued in any international airport in Vietnam. To be able to get the visa at the airport, one important thing to bear in mind is that the travellers apply for a visa online beforehand to get visa approval letters. At the airport of arrival, travellers submit the approval letters to be checked and have visas stamped in their original passports.

Advantages of Vietnam visa on arrival?

As created with the purpose of improving the Vietnam visa policy, there are a number of advantages that travellers can get from Vietnam visa on arrival. Firstly, as mentioned above, with visa on arrival, all will be done online, from booking a visa, making the payment and then receiving the approval letter via subscribed email. Not only the applying process is more simple and quicker but also the issuing process is done in a timely manner. As soon as 30 working minutes or as long as 2 working days can applicants receive their approval letter. By this, travellers can save both their time and money. No longer need to travel around to Embassy or Vietnam, deal with lengthy and bureaucratic procedures there and wait for several days until the profile of an applicant is checked and the visa is ready to be issued. Vietnam visa on arrival allows applicant to just stay at his home, lie at his bed, no redundant travel or stress.

Saving both time and money with Vietnam visa on arrival

Moreover, it would be easier for applicants to be clear about everything related to Vietnam visa on arrival since all information is posted in agencies’ websites with the help of their consultants whenever applicants have any wonder. Finally, when travellers get their approval letter online, it means that they do not need to send away their passport to Embassy of Vietnam. Therefore, there will be no hassle or, especially, a risk of lost if their passports are transferred by post.

Disadvantages of Vietnam visa on arrival?

Beside a number of huge advantages, Vietnam visa on arrival still hinders some minor disadvantages. Firstly, visa on arrival in Vietnam is only applicable for travelling by air, then, travellers coming to Vietnam by crossing the border on land or on a cruise can apply for Vietnam visa on arrival. Secondly, travellers sometimes need to queue at the airport’s international counter to get stamped visa. The time for waiting for their turns can vary from 1 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on the number of flights landing simultaneously. Finally, visa approval letter is often processed on a group basis. Therefore, you may find your name on the list with other applicants you have probably never known before.

Vietnam visa on arrival is applicable for travelling by air only

How to overcome the disadvantages of Vietnam visa on arrival?

There is always potential solution for every problem and the issue involving disadvantages of Vietnam visa on arrival is not an exception. To begin with, just make sure you will enter Vietnam by air before applying a visa on arrival. It is recommended that you ask for help from experienced consultants in our website here to get everything cleared before the actual application. In case you plan to travel to Vietnam by other means, you are pleased to apply for a visa at the Embassy of Vietnam in the countries where you are staying or residing. For ones who would feel annoyed with staying for long time in line in front of Immigration counter at the airport, we provide fast track service, allow you to relax after the long flight and have our staff get the visa stamped for you. Finally, we also provide private visa approval letter for applicant or a group of applicants that they will have their own approval letter, not to share their names with any other strange applicants.

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