Is an emergency travel document accepted for entering Vietnam?

An emergency travel document, the most popular kind of which is an emergency passport, is issued by government or international treaty organization to foreign individuals or small groups of people to facilitate their movement across the international boundaries.

This document is the replacement of your regular passport, being issued in case your original passport has been lost, stolen, damaged or expired but you can not obtain a new one from your overseas country of temporary residence. Emergency travel document, then, will  allow you to leave a country where you are staying and arrive in another country.

Emergency passport

Depending on different policies around the world, an emergency travel document will be approved by some countries while being rejected by others. Therefore, checking carefully with embassy or consulate of the country which you intend to travel before your travelling is extremely crucial for a firm assurance of your granted entry.

In Vietnam, Vietnam Immigration Office at Vietnam international airports only allow a foreigner to enter Vietnam with an emergency passport in some specifically sensitive cases like funeral or family relatives’ dissolution. However, you will be required to prepare a confirmation and guarantee letter or document from your family in Vietnam. All other foreigners will only be granted to enter Vietnam with a valid visa and a valid original passport.

In case you would like to apply Vietnam visa on arrival online with an emergency passport, it is highly recommended that you specify your passport type to the Vietnam visa agency to be consulted thoroughly for all your sake. By this, you can avoid wasting your valuable  time and money.

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